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How to create a campaign from scratch ?

To create a campaign from scratch, follow the next steps :

Select or create a folder

Create a new campaign, Define the campaign name, add a tag (optional)

Choose your template(s), 3 options :

Create a new template
Select template(s)
Click on “show all templates in organization” if the desired template is not available in the list

Upload an attachment file

Add recipients, 2 options :

Enter manually, the recipients’ list

Upload Excel or CSV file :

Match the required variables for selected template(s) along with your xls file data

First, import recipients’ list, then the system will confirm that the import is successful (modify your list if necessary)

Preview your documents :

If you have forgotten to select a template or add an attachment, you might get this message

Email settings :

The email will be received by the recipients


Updated on: 08/06/2022

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