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How do we upload an attachment file?

1) For each recipient, an identifying ID is required
2) This number must be inserted in the spreadsheet under the "StudentID" column
3) Each PDF document name must include the identifying ID between brackets [StudentID]
4) Zip all the PDF documents and add the zip file as an attachment to your campaign

We do not accept Zip7 format

Examples 1
PDF document name: 677816
- if the student ID in your spreadsheet is 677816, please name your document [677816].
- if the student ID in your spreadsheet is 677816, the document can also be named
"John Doe diploma/certificate [677816]".
As long as the system finds the identifying ID in square brackets, you can name your document as you wish.
NOTE: the identifying ID between brackets can include numbers and letters

Examples 2
If you have all your recipients’ attachment file in one PDF document, please bookmark each page belonging to the recipient with the correct identifying ID. This will enable the system to scan through your document and attribute the right page(s) to recipients.

The number of recipients in your spreadsheet should match the number of documents in your attachment file.
Example : in case you have one template and two attachment file for 1 student, no worries, he will be able to receive the files as long as they both have its Student ID.

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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